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TWORN by Arron Jones + Bonus Effects

Arron Jones presents ‘The Magicianary Position’. A collection of original effects and concepts for real world performers culminating in THE VERY BEST BUSINESS CARD GIVE-AWAY ever!


TWORN - You tear the corner from a signed business card. You then restore the card in its twisted state before allowing your spectator to keep the impossible souvenir forever.


Also featuring: ANNIVERSARY SALSA - The old classic gets a reboot meaning that no gimmicked cards are used and all the fact happens in the two spectator’s hands.


OXO - Not only do you predict the outcome of a game of noughts and crosses, this leads in to to an incredible serial number revelation.


THE ANTELOPE PRINCIPLE - Cause any coin to vanish from an envelope as the spectator is holding it.


CARD 2 POCKET - A valuable technique to cause any card to covertly enter a spectator’s pocket.

TWORN by Arron Jones + Bonus Effects

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