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The Oddest Ball by David Penn

The Oddest Ball

The Odd Ball Effect has been used by many mentalists in their lie detector routines. The audience is always deeply impressed by the performers incredible mind-reading ability. 


But maybe it's time to have more fun with it? Meet ‘The Oddest Ball’.


The Oddest Ball is a comedy mentalism effect providing light relief during your more serious routines.


Whilst you are completely blindfolded you offer to read the mind of your spectator in a dramatic presentation .You instruct your spectator to remove balls from the display and each time simply utter the simple words "I have a ball". You explain that you are using deep rooted psychology and analysing their voice patterns and sound..... You repeat this process with the white balls as many times as you like and each time the tension is building. 


When the spectator eventually lifts up the red ball, the tension is relieved in a moment of hilarity for your audience! The alarm sounds shocking your spectator, and the whole stand vibrates. You have correctly identified ‘The Oddest Ball.

If you want a kicker ending revealing your true mind reading powers, you can get five volunteers on stage. Use a net change bag to get them to all choose one of five slips of paper. One says “Red” and all the others say “White”. After the fun of the routine above, with everyone picking up the colour on their chosen slip of paper, You correctly predict the person who chose the oddest ball.


As a comedy mentalism routine full of mystery and surprises. Everything about The Oddest Ball is thoughtfully designed and crafted.


The internal electronic structure is 100% stable and reliable, and it is very easy to maintain.


The wooden shell is made of the finest North American walnut, to present a high-quality antique feel that perfectly adds to the quality of the routine. Everything is supplied including the required golf balls. Even though you are welcome to use golf balls of any colour.


The Oddest Ball, allows you to bring astonishment and laughter to your audience in a routine that will soon become a highlight of your show.

The Oddest Ball by David Penn

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