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The Covenant Deck by David Penn & Marc Spelmann

THE COVENANT DECK by David Penn & Marc Spelmann

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Introducing The Covenant Deck, a meticulously crafted and uniquely printed gaffed deck of cards designed by the ingenious mind of David Penn, and co presented with Marc Spelmann.

David Penn's masterful creation presents a deck that, to the spectator's eyes, appears entirely different. As they freely choose a card and you proceed to divine it, the mesmerising revelation unfolds, revealing that the chosen card never existed within the deck—it has mysteriously vanished.

What's more, your performance doesn't require your physical presence in the room. Imagine leaving the space, engaging in a live video call with a spectator, having them select a card, and then seamlessly returning to reveal their chosen card, proving its absence from the deck.

No rough and smooth, no long and short, and no sticky stuff. The custom printed deck, designed by David Penn, does all the work for you allowing you to concentrate on your performance. 

Take your audience on a journey with a captivating rendition of the tossed or passed-out deck from David Penn's own working repertoire. Each card in the deck is different, and as four spectators each think of a card, you successfully name three of them. The final spectator then verifies that their chosen card has inexplicably disappeared, only to be found in your pocket all along.

The Covenant Deck effortlessly facilitates the multiple card find routine, allowing for the free selection of cards, versatile reveal methods, and the dramatic vanishing of cards from the deck. When combined with effects like 'One 2.0' and David Penn's 'Magnetic Eight Ball,' it transforms into a compelling standalone act.

Keep in mind that any of the force cards can vanish from The Covenant Deck, providing flexibility for you to seamlessly integrate it into your performance, aligning with your unique style. In the one-hour tutorial, David Penn, accompanied by Marc Spelmann, share invaluable insights into various mentalism applications, ensuring you unlock the full potential of this remarkable tool in your magical repertoire.

The Covenant Deck by David Penn & Marc Spelmann

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