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Pi Revelations (A5 Sized) by David Penn

Get Pi Revelations here, directly from the creator - David Penn, and a free DVD will be sent along with your purchase! 

An incredible revelation of a spectator’s PIN Number, Passcode, Date Of Birth or a Random Time, in a ‘Dictionary Test Style’ within the first fifty thousand decimals of π


Perfect for solo performers, double acts, live performances, or on zoom. 


Pi Revelations is sold with this book and a link to an indexing website allowing you to create unbelievable revelations without the need of memory work.


David Penn with the kind permission of Michael Murray reveals material that will enable you to create harmonious effects with your spectator’s own phone and Pi Revelations with no apps required. 


All 10,000 four digit combinations are available to reveal and you know exactly where they are, in this innocent looking book, within the first 50,000 decimals of π


Although no apps are required, sold separately, the open-source API and Json code has also been adopted by many top-selling magic apps providing users with even more ingenious peeks and revelations including. 


The most fascinating number in mathematics, now holds the key, to unlock your spectators mind.

“This is a mind blowing system that makes you appear to have the abilities of ‘Rain Man’, and then some.”
Peter Turner

“How do you make a PIN revelation even more powerful? The answer is as easy as Pi!”
Michael Murray

“The secret of Pi Revelations is just as mind blowing as the revelation itself.”
Michael J Fitch

“The most innovative and refreshing book test I've seen!”
Paul Romhany - Vanish Magazine

Pi Revelations (A5 Sized) by David Penn

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