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Nicholas Lawrence - The Creator LIVE!

Nicholas Lawrence is one of the most prolific and forward thinking creators of modern times.

In the ‘The Creator Live’ Nicholas reveals incredible effects and material as well as including full and comprehensive instructions.

Highlights Include: 

CARD UNDER BOX - A gimmicked version of the classic effect allowing you to cause a chosen card to be revealed from under a card box or clip.

DOWNLOAD - A moving ink effect on the back of a chosen card. Cause signatures to jump and images to animate using this very clever gimmick.

INSTA-TRIUMPH - Whilst performing a triumph style routine, an image that was uploaded to your Instagram account also transforms at the same time as the deck revealing their chosen card.
(Images for this effect can be found on the DVD when inserted into the computer).

STRAW RESTORATION - The sleeve from a restaurant's straw is ripped off and then visibly restored.

ON OFF REVISITED - New techniques and concepts utilizing this incredible close up illusion.

Nicholas Lawrence - The Creator LIVE!

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