Sean Heydon’s Multiple Card Find Routine

Their is a reason that this is Sean Heydon’s opening routine at every single close up magic engagement! 

This routine you are about to learn is perfect for Banquets Weddings, Corporate Events and Restaurants. 

With this routine you will instantly gather a crowd, generate energy and engage your audience in multiple moments of magic. This is exactly what your booker needs to see and will get you re-booked again and again .

In Sean Heydon’s Multiple Card Find Routine the selection process is certainly not time consuming and boring. The cards are chosen all together and they are returned in the most entertaining and haphazard way. You then find each and every card one by one and at the end the whole deck vanishes!

This DVD includes step by step instructions and a lifetimes advice on what is soon to become your next favourite routine to perform.

Multiple Card Find by Sean Heydon

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