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Magnetic 8 Ball by David Penn


Producing an 8-ball as a prediction of a Black 8 (8 Spades, 8 Clubs) is something you might be familiar with.

It is a shocking finale that would surprise any audience.


The main issue with this effect is figuring out how load the 8 Ball. In your pocket? Not as clean! How about In a ball holder? Not very practical and these can sometimes damage your clothing.

Not to worry. David Penn now provided his final solution to this conundrum - The Magnetic 8 Ball.


It feels and handles like a regular 8 ball because it is made from a real 8 Ball. Handcrafted with the built-in magnet as was the leather-encased magnetic holder. It's extremely easy to load and steal undetected by your spectators.


This visually shocking piece of magic has never been so easy and deceptive to perform.

Magnetic 8 Ball by David Penn

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