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Liquid Metal Forks -  (50 units)


Used by the top professional magicians worldwide. The original and the best forks for your metal bending routine, endorsed by Morgan Strebler. "The best forks on the market for metal bending" MORGAN STREBLER

These are not just cheap nasty forks that are simply easy to bend. Liquid forks are made specifically for metal bending engineered to create the perfect balance between strength and effect. Includes a proffesional 'real world routine' taught by David Penn.

World Magic Shop is proud to announce the release of Liquid Metal Forks (The Official Fork Of Morgan Strebler). This is something that magicians and mentalists have been demanding for years. Liquid Forks is the perfect accessory for anyone who performs any type of metal bending routine.

Whether you perform routines by Banachek, Strebler or even Osterlind this is for you! We have moulded and custom created the perfect fork for use with any metal bending routine. Liquid Forks makes metal bending easier than ever before so that even if you are new to the genre once you've learnt a routine you will be up and running in no time at all.

When you buy Liquid Forks you get an exclusive instructional download from World Magic Shop.The Liquid Forks routine is quite simply one of the greatest close up magic and mentalism routines of all time.Introduced by Morgan Strebler and hosted by David Penn, this download will teach you to bend and morph a signed fork right before your spectators' eyes, creating an unbelievable giveaway in the process.

This instructional video download is exclusive to World Magic Shop, so order your Liquid Metal Forks now get performing Liquid Forks!

Liquid Metal Forks - (50 units)

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