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Inversion Holder created by David Penn

Producing a piece of fruit or final load is always the highlight of a Chop Cup or Cups and Balls routine.


Most magicians choose to place the fruit in their jacket pocket, which is a problem if you wearing a slim-fit suit, or require additional pocket space.


As a long-time expert at performing the Chop Cup in a strolling environment, David Penn has developed a hidden weapon to conceal and deliver your loads perfectly.


The Inversion Holder is constructed of high-tensile steel, that has been professionally fabricated, then hand welded, ground down, and perfectly finished.


David Penn has designed its structure to correspond to the waistline of the human body, which provides you with a secure grip and is completely undetectable when worn.


The Inversion Holder will aid you in performing your most incredible Chop Cup or cups and balls routine.

Inversion Holder created by David Penn

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