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Fuze by Jeff Prace

Imagine having a card selected, signed across the face and then cleanly tearing the corner off. The card is now shown front and back whilst the spectator holds the corner. The corner is now initialed with the spectator's initials and visually the corner is restored onto the card. Immediately everything is examinable by the audience. 

Easy to do
5 Second Reset
Use a regular deck of cards
No table required 

DVD includes multiple handlings including Jeff's original presentation where the card restores whilst being held by the spectator 

"One of the Most Deceptive Torn & Restored Cards I Have Ever Seen Absolutely Diabolical" 
- Cameron Francis 

"I Love This One Great Job!"
- Calen Morelli 

"Jeff Is The Future of Magic, Look out! Awesome"
- Kozmo 

"This Kid is Dangerous"
- Paul Harris

Running Time Approximately: 1hr

Fuze by Jeff Prace

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