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FOB - Routine by David Penn

FOB is the perfect finale to you're existing card and mentalism routines. 


A folded card is isolated inside a clear key FOB that never leaves the spectator's sight. At the conclusion of your favourite card routine the card is cleanly removed from the FOB and it turns out to be their signed selection. 

FOB can also be used with bills, billets, photographs, in fact any item that can fit inside the FOB. 


FOB may look innocent but in fact this is a precision made gimmick that allows you to ISOLATE THE IMPOSSIBLE 


Thanks to Andrew Tunney for the real world performance video.



"This is just BEAUTIFUL!"

- Shawn Farquhar - FISM World Champion 


"That is F*****G AMAZING! I will keep this on me 24/7."

- Joe Monti


"FOB is the perfect open prediction effect. Now you have the ÔkeyÕ to travel back to the future with your spectators." 

- Mickael Chatelain

FOB - Routine by David Penn

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