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Cube Thru Head

Cube Thru Head

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“Cube Thru Head is not only impossible and fun, 

It is a PERFECT illusion for your audience!”

Henry Harrius


The TCC Team are proud to present an effect directly from David Penn's working repertoire. 


In association with the TCC Team. I'm proud to present Cube Thru Head. This is a visual engaging illusion that will be a joy for you to perform.


You can use it as a stand alone illusion. Or to add production value to your existing Rubik Cube routine. 


You start by showing two empty tubes to your audience. You take your Rubik cube and clearly insert it into one of the tubes. 


The cube never leaves their sight due to the holes in the side of the tubes. 


The two tubes are then placed either side of the spectator's own head. You have a count down from your audience.  And when you tip the tubes to one side, the cube visually penetrate from the spectator's head and falls into the net they are holding.


On this project, David Penn will be sharing his routine which runs for over 8 minutes with the Cube Thru Head illusion. Creating a show stopping centre piece for your act.


Made from the finest North American Walnut. You’ll also receive a full set of tubes and Rubik cube gimmicks, accompanied by 2 velvet carrying bags.


Cube Thru Head is engineered by professionals and finished by craftsmen.

Cube Thru Head

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