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CHILL (Including Gimmick) by Tom Wright

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The ultimate haunted deck in the hands of the spectator!

"I am completely fooled!" Chris Kenner 


Imagine being able to perform the classic haunted deck whilst the spectator holds the cards. A card is freely chosen from a regular deck of cards. The card is openly lost in the deck while the spectator holds everything. Now without the magician touching anything, the cards cut themselves in the spectator's hands. The selected card then slowly crawls out the deck and immediately everything can be examined. You have to see this to believe it. 

Precision made gimmick included 
Instant Reset
Use any pack of cards
No table required
Nothing is attached to the deck
Fully examinable before and after the effect
EVERYTHING happens in the spectator's own hands.
Very easy to do with an instructional DVD included.

Running Time Approximately: 31min

CHILL (Including Gimmick) by Tom Wright

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