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From the 'Professional Television Routines Series', with all rights included, World Magic Shop in association with DTrik present THE SPECTRUMALIST.


THE SPECTRUMALIST is not only one of the most baffling mentalism routines ever created it is 100% commercial. The audience participation ensures great entertainment value from start to finish in this six minute routine culminating in six separate applause cues.


You invite a volunteer to assist you with your mind reading. This could be the CEO of the company, the birthday boy or girl or the best man at a wedding.Five volunteers each then chose a random objects, with no force at all. These are placed into bags and mixed thoroughly. As you, the performer, removes each object from the bag, in any random order, your mind reading volunteer is able to determine who each object belongs to. As the final revelations are made, five applause cues are guaranteed as well as huge round of applause for your mind reading assistant who feels like a THE STAR!


Use any objects! Balls, Coins, Cards, Photographs……Literally anything that fits in the smaller bags.A perfect, fully scripted routine that packs so small and yet would full the largest of stages.


All rights INCLUDED




This is a complete set of the 2 of Hearts Version On Rider Backs. One of the most commercial card effects of all time just got better. For the first time ONE by Matthew Underhill is available with a brand new Four of Hearts version and the Two of Hearts both on Rider Backs.Perfect to perform for couples ensuring big tips and memories that will last a lifetime. A card is signed by the spectators. Two of the hearts are initialled. One initialled heart is then visually pulled across the face of the card until it rests side by side with the other. In a beautiful and artistic piece of magic, the two hearts become ONE. This provides the spectators with an incredible souvenir that freezes the moment of magic perfectly. You will receive 20 specially gimmicked cards on Rider Backs What people are saying: Matthew has taken the anniversary waltz, the most classic of all the plots in card magic, and not just given it a new method, but he has given it a face-lift every worker will LOVE!¯Justin Miller "Didn't think anniversary waltz could have a substitute until I saw this effect. A perfect giveaway! I'll be having a lot of fun with this one!"Alex Pandrea "What a truly astonishing moment for the unsuspecting participants - this is a perfect wedding/anniversary card trick which leaves them with an impossible object to remember you and your magic long after the event. I want it in my close-up case - send the first one to me!"Nicholas Einhorn “Great! Love it! Awesome give-away and a perfect magic trick for a couple.”Bill Abbott "I can't imagine that this would fail to get strong reactions!"Tom Stone “I really think this is a brilliant effect that leaves the spectators with an impossible souvenir. Thumbs up to the young creator!”Alexander Kolle “Simple, effective and most of all, very commercial. I can see myself performing this routine for wedding close up gigs, the perfect memento to give to the married couple. Very nice!”Luca Volpe "A beautiful routine that will go straight into your act. Get this NOW!"Kevin Schaller


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