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The Team

Meet The Team

Jon Farr

Brief Bio: Classified, but I am where I am due to Kellogg's Frosties

Top Ten effects: (in no particular order and how I feel today!)

Strange Traveller's


A routine taught to me by a family friend when I was 7 - corks through table.

Ring Leader and Ring Thing combined

Torn 2

Messado Rings

Extreme Burn 2.0

Twilight Angels



Favourite Magician:

Brett Daniels - both stage and close up

Favourite Live Magic Show Ever:

Siegfried and Roy - I was lucky enough to see their live show at the Mirage

Favourite TV Magic Show Ever:

David Copperfield’s Specials - reminds me of my childhood

Favorite Quotes:

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower". Steve Jobs

"The Most Wasted Days Are The Ones Without Laughter" (E. E. Cummings)




Dave Penn

Brief Bio: I got into magic when I was eight and I don’t think there has been a day since then that I haven’t performed a magic trick. I work as a professional magician and illusionist mostly at corporate events. The highlight of my week is always filming the Wizard Product Review with Craig Petty. We started the show in June 2010 and we have seen a lot of magic. My proudest moment was getting further than any other magician in history on Britain’s Got Talent and telling them straight, on live television, that magic was an art form, just like singing and dancing. (A singer won that year!) My other hobbies are movies, going to the gym, walking my dog and going to comedy nights. 

Top Ten Effects: (in no particular order)

Liquid Metal/Fork Bending Routine/Dee Christopher’s Metal
Executive Wallet
Bottle Production
Coinvexed 2
Extreme Burn
Ring Leader
Invisible Deck
Coins Across
Clear Sawing In Half (Stage)

Favourite Magician:
Tommy Wonder

Favourite Live Magic Show:
Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage

Favourite TV Magic Show Ever:
All Copperfield Specials and Derren Brown’s Séance

Favourite Quote:
"I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."
George Bernard Shaw
Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there’s footprints on the moon!


David Sangwell

Brief Bio: I performed my first magic show at about the age of six with a magic set I'd been given for Christmas, which consisted of a box with multiple drawers you could put items into and reveal them in others. After a brief gap of around 18 years, I rediscovered magic while working in performance bars and competing against other bartenders in national competition. After a short spell opening hotels in Dubai, I returned and got involved with World Magic Shop taking care of the website and mailouts. I'm now working here full time as Retail Manager!

Top 10 Effects:

Coinvexed 3rd Generation

SoundzAmazing (previously instant radio)

Red Hot Momma

Banded by Garrett Thomas

Invisible Deck


Stand Up Monte


Omni Pen




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