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KATA by Dafedas B & World Magic Shop

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Product Description

“Simply Beautiful” David Williamson
“Beautiful & Exiting" Ponta the Smith

What are the most beautiful things you can do with one or a few coins?

This is what this DVD is about.

Kata is a collection of cutting edge routines, all using the muscle pass.

The muscle pass is a fantastic sleight that can transform your coin magic from good to great, to trick photography level. Of course, additionally to the muscle pass, you will learn many other techniques, and will find new applications for techniques you already know.

The routines have a unique style: underground, sophisticated, groovy and delicate, with a constant attention to maximum finger openness. It is a study of moves, angles, and motions: something between ballet and martial arts display....with coins...

The material is advanced and most of the routines will require serious practice. But studying them will greatly improve your coin work, and you’re about to learn unique techniques, combinations, and ideas that will enhance your performances and bring your magic to a whole new level.”


1/ Clair de Lune
Dafedas B’s signature 3 coins routine.

2/ Sauvage
Wild coin routine

3/ Spell
A long, crazy and fun Spellbound routine. Pure progressive legerdemain.

4/ 2 Fly
More direct than 3 fly, less moves, and less weight in your pocket.

5/ 2mp coins across
a 3 coins across using just one move 2 times.

6/ Kata
A long, elegant and flourishy 1 coin routine. Artistic prestidigitation.

a raven type of coin change, and change back…without raven and without sleeves!


“ Dafedas B’s coin magic is unique, beautiful and exiting.The many concepts in that DVD inspired me lots of ideas. Fascinating for coin workers.”
Ponta the Smith

“an artistic DVD, full of inspiration"
Lawrens Godon

“Well done! and good handling”
John Cornelius

"A maverick mind of modern day magic who takes sleight of hand with coins to a new level, the style and approach this DVD has to offer has changed the way I perform my own magic forever”
Henri White

"An artistic and poetic approach to sleight of hand. I love it”
Brendan Rodriguez

Product Reviews

  1. Advanced 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Nov 2016

    It's good for advanced coin Magician's who already knows basic coin moves - If you are familiar with the MP move or have followed David Roth, then this would be good for you if not, you would find this quite difficult. This is not suitable for beginners, because you need to know the basics. But A good DVD despite no live performance or coin gimmicks - Just pure organic magic! You need to be dexterous too because the DVD doesn't show the moves individually and they are NOT broken down well enough, especially for beginners! So all in all - Recommended for advanced coin magicians but not for amateurs or beginners. Hope this review helps.

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